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Welcome to Healing!

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We offer both Telehealth Physical Therapy for Florida Residents and Wellness 1:1 or group exercise classes for residents of all 50 States! We also partner with Complementary Cancer Care of Brevard County to provide wellness programs for cancer survivors and thrivers at no cost to you!

​Click the button to 'Set an Appointment' and choose your service and preferred date and time. Enter basic contact details and remit payment for your appointment in advance.

You'll receive an emailed confirmation with required Intake and Consent forms; these MUST be completed prior to your appointment. On the day of your appointment, you will receive a Zoom link to your virtual session with Dr. Elise.


If Graceful Physio is unable to treat your issue, you will receive a full refund for the appointment, plus a referral to the right discipline or clinic for your needs.

If you have questions before scheduling, please see our FAQs or use our chat feature to contact Dr. Elise.

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Video Conferencing 

On a Video Call

Graceful Physio only uses the secure, encrypted video conferencing software provided through to allow completely private and confidential treatment sessions. All you need is reliable internet access, a front-facing webcam, and a little room to move around as needed.


One common misconception of physical therapy is that it must involve hands-on treatment. However, the visual assessment methods and evaluative skills of your therapist are as significant as the many other tools for diagnosing and treating an injury or chronic condition.

Dr. Elise can treat a variety of common musculoskeletal complaints via online assessment and treatment, which may eliminate the need for invasive surgery, or inconvenient repeat visits to a clinic after a surgery.

If you have questions about, feel free to chat with Dr. Elise now!

Group or 1 : 1

Video Conferencing 

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Dr. Elise excels at Group Wellness where she is able to provide a medically targeted program consisting of a wide variety of specialized wellness and fitness exercise classes for older adults managing chronic conditions and specialized populations. 

Graceful Physio also provides 1:1 Wellness for those needing extra time and assistance as well as personalized 1:1 Physical Therapy Telehealth evals for those looking to eliminate active pain!

Need help determining which is right for you? Fill out the contact form below with any questions or use the chat feature on the site in the lower right corner to talk with Dr. Elise right away!

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Elise Pearce, PT, DPT, CEEAA


Dr. Elise Pearce earned her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Saint Francis University. She is a certified exercise expert for aging adults through the APTA. After working for 9 years, Elise has noticed a gap in care and is now offering wellness classes and telehealth services to help active adults manage chronic conditions.

Live Gracefully Physio and wellness enables you to set one-on-one consults with Elise to maximize treatment for the best results with the most convenience. Get started today!

Dr. Elise Pearce, PT, DPT | Florida License #29986

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